How To Stop Being Lazy

Are you that person who just likes curling herself back into the blanket every time the alarm rings up? Does the mere sight of a comfortable couch makes you want to lie down and take a nap? Do you avoid taking breaks because laziness won’t let you get back to work if you take one? Have you developed a habit of setting many alarms to wake up in time for the morning because you don’t trust your ability to beat the morning laziness? If yes, then you are just one of those millions who are struggling to get over their lazy self.

How is it that laziness has managed to carve itself a space so big in our lives that it ended up being the one we start our mornings with? We’re always at loggerheads with laziness, but it never steps back from making us feel addicted to its warmth. Not that there’s something to worry about being lazy unless you’re too lazy to even feed yourself or serve yourself with a glass of water. There are days when you don’t really feel like going out for a walk or to gym and that’s alright until laziness starts defining you eventually making you want to stay in bed the entire day.

Getting over laziness isn’t that much of a daunting task if you’re willing to introduce yourself to some habits that can make you walk through the day like a pro.

1. Having a routine: Having a defined series of tasks that are required to be done over the course of the day leaves a little scope for laziness to set in. Routine should not be taken as a time-table that you need to be strictly following. It’s rather a way of planning your day in advance so that you don’t feel the urge to throw yourself on to that comfortable mattress only because you don’t know what to do next. Having a routine is the best way to add predictability to the unpredictable life.

2. Giving yourself enough flexibility: It’s not always possible to make things go your way but allowing yourself a certain level of flexibility leaves you with a realization that you don’t need to be lazy much as you’re already working at par with your comfort. Working hard during week days is a reason enough to laze around during weekends. But if you’re a self-employed individual or a freelancer, flexibility comes handy leaving you with a little reason to feel lazy.

3. Recharge yourself with leisure activities: If the kind of work that you do is regular and makes you feel monotonous, you are bound to feel lazy. That’s the case with me every time I’m supposed to be writing and promoting my next blog. Although blogging is fun, I can’t imagine doing it on a daily basis for 10 hours a day. Switching off to what diverts you from monotony is necessary to take on the day without feeling lazy. Still confused about what to do to recharge yourself? Take a while and think what you like doing the most.

4. Motivate yourself with a purpose: Why would you want to hop off the bed in the morning if there’s no reason for you to do so? That’s when having a purpose in life becomes all the more important. A mother’s purpose to wake up in the morning is to prepare lunch for her child. A daily wage laborer has to get up to avoid losing the day’s pay. A college student needs to wake up to avoid falling short of attendance. The direction you’re supposed to walk in becomes the motivation for you to get up and work towards it.

Although this is easier said than done, but remember that you are in total control of what you do to gift yourself a better life. Even the most successful ones among us feel lazy at times which is good as long as it doesn’t hold you back. All you need to do is to let laziness allow you a little space every now and then to be able to get hold of your life.

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