Social Media Detox – What To Do With The Time Off

When I went for a social media detox, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of hours I was spared with. Although I’ve made a comeback on a few social networking platforms, I don’t really feel inclined towards them now which leaves me wondering around for something interesting to spend my time with. Ever since I started scouting for new hobbies, I’ve been discovering things that keep me engaged throughout the day. Blogging is one of these hobbies which is gradually turning out to be my new addiction.

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Stock market occupies 6-7 hours of the day leaving me with a lot of time to spend with myself. Blogging takes away a major chunk of the remaining hours but I make sure that I don’t spend all my time diving into the vast ocean of words so that the quality of my writing remains intact. So I resorted to some pastimes that I now find extremely interesting and worth my time.

1. Cooking: I love experimenting with cooking. But it was hard to push myself through it. I still can’t get over the day when I put my Mom’s electric toaster on the burning flame of the gas stove because I wanted to be able to cook my own food. Yes, I was subjected to a lot of scolding but I was a child and I thought that’s how it works. But these have now become some funny childhood memories as I have gotten used to cooking. I have learned over the years that anybody can cook and no one is specifically cut out for the cooking game. All you need to have is a little love for food and some craving taste buds.

2. Board Games: Board games & Cards occupy the major shelf space in my room. That’s how I spend my little time with family. UNO, The Game of Life and Monopoly continue to top the ‘Favorites’ list. Apart from the usual Ludo and Chess games, we occasionally pick up a Scotland Yard or Cluedo. I feel Board Games is one of those few things that keeps the child in us alive. It’s the favorite post-dinner pastime at my home and we can never get enough of them.

3. Home Organizing: I was never really conscious of the place I was living in until before last year, when my home was undergoing renovation. I was amazed at how my Mom paid attention to every little detail to make the house look like our perfect little home. That’s how this home organizing bug bit me (though I’m a little skeptical about my gardening knowledge). It’s not about having a lot of money and spending it on expensive decor items. It’s about how beautiful you can make your home look with little things organized properly.

4. Music: That’s how my morning begins. The healing power of music is still a mystery to me, and I’m sure to all of us. Isn’t it amazing how our earphones stay with us like a constant companion that refuses to let go of our hands? Ever since I was in college, my little portable speaker has been a permanent resident of my handbag, although it’s being used more often now.

5. Simple Pleasures: The one complaint my parents had with me was my habit of using phone at the dining table. It was only later that I discovered the simple pleasure of having a family movie night with our phones kept aside. Last year, I made a bird feeder when the city was all burning at 45 degrees. I remember how I used to peek through my window to watch the birds eating food and drinking water from my small bird feeder. I resumed the habit of visiting the community park every evening with my sister. I started reading blogs to know more about people and their lives which helped me discover more about myself.

I’ve often been suggested to develop a habit of reading newspapers but it hardly works out on a regular basis. I do manage to keep up with the business and sports news but I tend to miss out on the rest of the things happening around the world which is something I need to work on. I’m hoping to discover more to do in my free time. Hopefully soon.