14 Lucrative Home Business Ideas For 2019

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just do what you love, from the comfort of your home and make money without having to worry about a 9 to 5 job waiting for you? If there’s anything that I’ve learned during my short stint as a corporate employee, it’s the very fact that working a 9 to 5 job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, I know people who love their jobs and want to keep doing it for the rest of their lives. However, many women, after a while, want to leave their jobs to be home with their kids but they find themselves in a position where they miss the financial independence they used to enjoy earlier.

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Starting a home business is something that you would have given a thought to at some point of time, but what must have held you back is the amount of investment required to start something of your own. Investment might have been an issue two decades back but with the advent of internet technology, it’s the last thing you need to worry about. Below are a bunch of home business ideas that require under $100 or nothing to help you make money from home:

1. Instagram Ads: If you love spending time on social media and can work a little towards building up your social media following, Instagram can be a great source of income for you. People who enjoy a good following on Instagram are making a lot of money by advertising products for different brands. You don’t need to be a model or a well-known celebrity to earn money with Instagram but depending upon the market you are catering through your Instagram page and the engagement it receives, you can easily make a few hundred dollars per post.

2. Write and sell eBooks online: If you have a knack for writing, Amazon Kindle Publishing is the place where you can always head to for publishing your eBooks. It allows you to edit your books whenever you want and you can set your own prices for the books you wish to publish. Amazon Kindle pays you a certain amount of royalty for every purchase made and also provides a Paperback version of your book for the buyers who demand so.

3. Online Coaching: Online Coaching is a well-known way to earn money in exchange of sharing your knowledge in a particular subject. While Coaching needs a face-to-face interaction between the learner and the teacher, internet these days has eliminated the need to be physically present to share your knowledge. You can register yourself as a tutor with an online interactive educational platform that makes use of Live Online Classes and Video Lessons to teach students.

4. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a widely used way to make money by selling someone else’s products on your website in return of a commission. In affiliate marketing, you recommend a product or a service to your followers who might or might not decide to purchase it. If your followers decide to purchase the product or service using your affiliate link, you get paid a certain percentage of the amount of sales made through your link.

5. Virtual Assistant: Providing virtual assistant services in an area of your interest can be your key to high earnings and a way to keep learning new things. All you need to do is to land your first client and build a solid portfolio/website that can be a testimony of your services. Proofreading books and articles, content curation, Social Media Management and Customer Support Services are a few of the in-demand VA services that can help kick-start your career as a Virtual Assistant.

6. Start a blog: Blogs are the things that Google depends upon to solve our queries. So Blogging is something that is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Of course, Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and requires a significant amount of time, patience and commitment but if you have an answer for what people are looking up on Google, you can certainly make money blogging.

7. Become a freelance writer: If you don’t have time to run a blog or you don’t want to wait until your blog starts bringing in some money, freelance writing can be a great option for you to make money by writing content for blogs and magazines. The amount of money you can earn as a freelance writer depends upon the per word rate offered by the publication you are writing for and is negotiable as you gain more experience. Freelance writers work on a self-employed basis and can work independently for many different publications at the same time.

8. Start an Etsy Business: If you have a knack for creativity and love spending your time on crafting, Etsy is the way to go. You can make and sell handmade cards, jewellery, phone cases, etc on Etsy. Over the years, Etsy has given a platform to many people to run their online stores some of which are now making thousands of dollars per month.

9. Sell Your skills on Fiverr: Fiverr is the freelance marketplace where you can sell your services for money. Fiverr is the platform where businesses and freelancers connect to get a certain job done. Few of the many services that Businesses look for on Fiverr are Graphics designing, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation work, Video & Animation and Programming & Tech Services.

10. Become a Youtuber: During the last decade, YouTube has given people a new medium to earn money by selling their talent through online videos. If you have a talent that you think others might be interested in, you can start your own youtube channel and put up videos showcasing your talent. Over time, as your channel starts attracting more viewers, you can make money through the ads. Some of the very popular Youtube video ideas are DIYs, food recipes, comedy or general entertainment.

11. Selling Images online: If you are passionate about photography and are willing to share your work with others for money, you can submit your pictures to some stock photo sites in exchange for some royalty amount for every photo purchased. ShutterStock, 123rf, iStock are some of the popular stock photo sites where you can submit your photos for sale.

12. In-House Day-care: With a rise in the number of working mothers, the demand for day-care facilities has been increasing. If your home has some free space and if you are willing to devote a few hours from your day towards taking care of kids, you can start your own in-home day-care to make money.

13. Data Entry and Typing Jobs: If you don’t have the required amount of time for a job that uses some particular skill, you can work from home as a typist. All you need to have is a good typing speed and you can comfortably do some data entry and typing jobs for those who are looking to get their job done. 

14. Resume Writing Service: Job-seekers now-a-days know the value of a perfect resume as a key to crack the interviews. If you have some good Resume Writing skills, you can provide resume writing services to those who need it. Starting a website or networking in the online space can help you spread across a word about your services. Freelance marketplace is another area that can help you secure work as a resume writer.

If you have another home business idea that you would like to share, feel free to drop a comment below or write me at richi@askmisswhimsical.com. I love hearing from you.

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