11 Habits You Need To Give Up To Be Successful

Habits that you imbibe work like a strong force in your life – they can either push you ahead or hold you back. You don’t realize the significance of habits, good and bad, until they begin to have an impact on your productivity. I’ve always been an over thinker, which is good when what I wish to say or do needs a proper analysis but this habit is exactly what leaves me feeling worried about the tiniest of things. To combat this habit, I have to keep myself engaged in some or the other activity, be it work or a hobby, so as to leave no room for overthinking and to happily get through the day.

Habits aren’t always bad. Sometimes, being in possession of a good habit is why some people find themselves to be successful in whatever they do. A neighbor of mine, despite being 70 years old, never goes a day without meditating & running. He has been doing it since he was 20 and quotes this single habit as the reason why he has been so successful in his career and so perfectly fit at this age. It’s amazing how each and every habit of ours define who we actually become.

It’s never too late to get rid of the habits that stand in your path towards being the best version of yourself. While habits can’t be formed or given up in a day, they can certainly be addressed and worked upon slowly until they stop holding you back. Here are some of the habits that you should give up in order to be successful in all your endeavors:

1. Fear of failure: Does it happen that you feel afraid to take that very first step because you think you might just fail? You write a beautiful story with all your heart wishing that someday you will get it published but as and when you finish writing it, a feeling of self-doubt strikes you and all you do now is be afraid that your work isn’t worthy enough to get published. The fear of failure is often the very first roadblock that pulls one back from walking ahead in life. Your past failures should never stop you from trying different things in your present and future. Once you convince yourself of the fact that this fear of failure is nothing but a feeling of self-doubt or just another delusion formed by your mind, success will come following you wherever you go.

2. Being busy all the time: When you’re working, allow nothing else to distract you unless something more urgent needs your attention. Your work helps you provide for your loved ones and it shall be done with full heart. It’s good to be busy only until this very busyness starts interfering with your social life and forms the very purpose of your existence. Just remember that at the end of the day, your personal life is the reason why you are working. Don’t allow your work and similar commitments to occupy the space meant for your friends and family.

3. Dwelling on past mistakes: Past stays within us in many forms – failed relationships, a bullying experience in school, rejections faced and even regrets over something that you did years ago. Don’t waste your time thinking about how you could have saved a relationship that ended up in an ugly way or how badly you messed up an interview that could get you the job you’ve always wanted. Your past mistakes don’t define who you become in the future and it’s important to let go of it to be able to live a happy present.

4. Striving to be perfect: A need to be perfect will always leave you unsatisfied and discontented even if your achievements are extraordinary. Allow yourself to make mistakes and celebrate when your work gets appreciated rather than regretting about the tiny mistake that got noticed. Perfection is toxic and stops you from being a better version of yourself. Allow yourself to leave a scope for improvement in whatever you do and achieve in life.

5. Being stressed out and always being pessimistic about things: Adding a bit of positivity in your life will not only make you happy but will also motivate you to take up new challenges. Besides, stop stressing yourself over things that are of little importance and try to indulge in activities that can help reduce stress. Do you feel worried when you are running late for work? Do you wake yourself up stressing over why your best friend forgot your birthday? Ask yourself if these things are worth stressing over and you’ll feel much better.

6. Toxic Relationships: Ideal relationships are those that help you grow and be better each day. A relationship that leaves you feeling less confident within yourself and degrades your overall personality is just too toxic to be in. Staying in a toxic relationship can negatively impact all other areas of your life and no one should go through that. Always remember that you are an individual before being someone’s partner and you have every right to be with someone who helps you in nurturing the relationship you share with them.

7. Comparing yourself to others: We are all different – not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of behavior, experience and struggles faced in life. We are all unique and to compare any two of us on one parameter would simply be unfair on those being compared. So it’s only fair that you stop comparing yourself to others and take your own time to achieve your goals. Comparison won’t do any good to you and will make you run after a life that is too good to be true. Being satisfied with yourself is extremely important to be happy and to live a fulfilling life.

8. Multi-tasking: Imagine that you are supposed to study for an important exam scheduled for tomorrow, but you also want to watch a game of soccer tonight featuring your favorite team. So you decide to do both while turning down the TV volume. The game ends up being too interesting to miss but you try your best to focus on the books too. Now after a couple of hours, you find yourself feeling regretful as you realize that you’ve neither enjoyed the game nor have you studied anything properly. Multi-tasking is a myth and helps you accomplish nothing. You might have to let go of some things in order to focus better on the other things. Prefer managing your tasks than trying to do everything at once.

9. Thinking lowly of yourself: If scrolling your Facebook or Instagram Feed makes you think that you are boring and aren’t living your life enough, then it’s time to get rid of the social media. If merely looking at a beautiful girl makes you feel less beautiful, then it’s time for you to lift yourself up in your own eyes in order to admire who you really are. Besides, allow nobody to tell you that you lack something or are inferior to anyone in this world.

10. Ignoring your health: If you skip your meals because your work needs more of your time or you are starving yourself because someone at school called you fat, then you need to start prioritizing your health starting now. No responsibility, work or person is more important than your health, and a good health – both physical and mental – is what you need to accomplish any purpose in life.

11. Seeking Validation from others: Stop seeking validation from others and learn to portray your true self to others. This might not gain you many friends but will surely give you the few true ones who would love the real you. If people don’t like you for being outspoken or they find you under-confident for speaking less, it’s time to move on to those who value these qualities in you.  Life is too short to be lived in others’ way.

Individual habits form a big part of an individual’s personality and it’s always healthy to get rid of any habit that might stop you from being successful.

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  1. Very interesting and motivating article. Unknowingly we form some habits which can be out of fear, laziness and always going by other’s opinions. This post has opened my eyes. Thanks.

  2. Really very useful for me.. everyone needs to be work accordingly to live a better life… Thanks for this article..

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