How To Wake Up With A Positive Attitude Every Single Day

Waking up with a clear head is something that I used to struggle with during my college days. A night full of steady sleep looked like an achievement amidst the ones spent stressing about academics and placements. I remember waking up in the middle of the night only to find myself worrying about things that were too stupid a reason to steal a good night’s sleep.

Although I feel very contented with how life is treating me right now, I still experience waking up with unsettling thoughts every now and then. There are mornings when I just roll myself up in the blanket thinking about random stuff. Off late, I realized that having a bad night routine is what forms the major reason for my mornings to be all dull and lazy. This is something that I am now working on to feel more energetic during the day.

I suppose you are in a similar situation being that you are here reading this article, and I can totally relate with your struggle to wake up with a positive attitude in the morning. You might have been thinking that you have no control over your thoughts and there’s nothing you can do to make your mornings better. But let me tell you, you don’t have to feel this way anymore as you alone have the power to change your situation – of course, with a little time and effort.

Here are the best ways that can help you start your mornings on a positive note and to be more productive during the day:

1. Keep Away From The Screen – For eight long years, I have lived with the habit of looking at my phone the first thing in the morning. If that wasn’t enough, I developed a habit of waking up at least twice in the middle of the night to check my phone for messages and updates. I totally feel guilty for how I used to deprive myself of a few peaceful hours of sleep only because I couldn’t live without my phone.

But it all changed last year when I started cutting short my screen time as a part of personal growth, and I must say that it continues to be the best decision I have ever taken. I now leave my phone on the living room sofa before heading off to bed to sleep and I only check it after having breakfast the next morning. I really can’t think of a better way to wake up feeling happy and energetic.

2. Think Happy – Thinking about something good that must have happened to you lately can really make your entire day happy. Any positive thought can make you go all ecstatic in the morning.

What’s the best compliment someone gave you lately?

What’s the most beautiful thing that your kids or your partner did for you in the last few days?

What is it that you did recently to make someone happy?

Think about anything that gives you joy or a sense of satisfaction to start your morning on a happy note. Your thoughts shape your emotions, and waking up to happy thoughts can make way for positive emotions to help brighten your day. 

3. Get Moving – It really does help to think happy for a few minutes as you wake up but as soon as you’re done with it, lift yourself up and get your mind to relax by going on a morning walk or by meditating and exercising. When you allow your body to relax, you help your mind kill stress and unhappy thoughts. Take a deep breath if you are feeling anxious and do a few focus exercises to get going with a relaxed state of mind.

4. Express Gratitude – I can’t express how the feeling of gratitude has helped me in developing a positive attitude towards life. As a teenager, I used to have negative thoughts about my life ahead and I used to engage in a lot of self-sabotage every time I would make a mistake. But when I joined college, I got to experience life from a different perspective. The more people I met, the more I realized that every individual is going through a struggle that helps them be a better person. I grew up to be more appreciative and grateful for the little things that I have and it has completely changed the attitude I wake up with every morning.

5. Try Living In The Moment – The habit of dwelling in the past and worrying about the future is what fosters negative thoughts right from the start of the day. But once you learn to be mindful of what is happening around you, your mind will feel more liberated from the morning stress. Try including some physical or mental activity in your morning routine, and interact with people around you in order to connect with your surroundings. Your mind will eventually feel better when it’s not thinking too much and is only being a part of the present moment.

6. Treat Yourself With Healthy Breakfast – What you eat in the morning forms a big part of how your body works during the day. Speaking from my own experience, I feel stressed and anxious all day every time I end up skipping the breakfast. Back in August last year, I made soybean and milk a mandatory part of my morning breakfast and my body has never felt better. Moreover, it feels amazing to start your mornings by preparing yourself a healthy meal rather than scrolling the Facebook feed.    

7. Look At Something Beautiful – I realized it only recently how looking around at beautiful things can make your mornings joyful and the days happy. During my last backpacking trip, I headed out to sit by the riverside early in the morning which continues to be the most amazing experience I’ve had. When at home, I like spending a few minutes sitting in the balcony or watering the plants. I have friends who spend time with their pets as a way to start their day on a happy note which they say is like an addiction they can’t do without.

8. Make Your Bed – Making your bed the first thing in the morning paves way for the feeling of accomplishment right from the point of waking up. The habit of making the bed is known to multiply your productivity while setting your mood right to take on the day with more energy.

Although these tips and tricks can help you start your mornings on a positive note, it takes true intention and efforts to give yourself the gift of ‘good’ mornings. Every effort that you make to start your day positively goes a long way in living a happy life.

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