5 Sure Fire Ways To Stop Worrying About Money All The Time

Stop worrying about money all the time

If you were to ask me what my biggest fear is, the answer would me simple – Having no money. And I’m sure I’m not the only person living with the fear of going broke or parting with my money. There are many people who worry about money so much so that it has become a reason enough to keep them awake at night. Human mind has somehow conditioned itself to live with the worries surrounding money.

Having no money makes us worried.

Having less money makes us worried.

And having more money comes with the fear of losing it.

Wallet full of money

I remember how money used to be the only thing I wanted to have when I completed my education. And when I finally started making money, I realized that I wanted to have more of it. Money is one of the most underestimated kinds of addiction known today, which has the power to impact every area of our lives – relationships, health and overall behavior. And I am no saint here. I am guilty of being too attached to my money and I still think twice before buying something for myself. But over time, I have learned to live with the fact that no amount of money can ever be enough and that I need to focus on other important things that make me happy.

Stop worrying about money and live your life

Being mindful about your money is important. After all, it provides for your necessities and it’s what you need to live a comfortable life. But when money becomes an obsession and starts controlling every other area of your life, it becomes important to act on it. You can’t be wasting your day worrying about something that only forms a part of your life while ignoring the things and people that you truly should be worried about.

Don't waste your day worrying about money

So if you feel that money forms the centre of all your worries, here are some practical ways that can help you be less worried about money:

1. Change Your Mindset – While working as an intern for a company back in 2016, I would often find myself being all worried about what future holds for me. I remember telling my mother that I wanted to make money while also being happy with my work. And she would always remind me of the two things that have now become very much a part of how I look at life:

“Tension can never be a solution to any of your problems. So why have it in the first place?”


“Think about people who are homeless and those with no food to eat. Are your worries bigger than theirs?”

Change your money mindset if you wish to stop worrying about money

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder of how important it is to wear a smile on your face. Adopting mindfulness as a way of thinking can help you get rid of your worries within no time and you will realize that there’s nothing to be worried about. All you need to do is to think of a mantra that will help you get through in times of worries, for example:

Tension won’t get me anywhere.

I am a fighter and I can get through this.

I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am blessed.

2. Draw Power From Faith – Your faith is more powerful than you think it is and sometimes, it’s all you need to draw some positivity from and move ahead with confidence. I know people who can’t step out of the house without offering prayers to God as they think of it as a way to let go of their worries and to be more calm and composed during the day.

Draw power from faith if you worry too much about money

3. Focus On The Positives – It’s important to brace yourself for the worst-case scenario, but it’s equally important to be optimistic about what is to happen in the future. Focussing too much on the negatives will only make you anxious and worried about your money. One of the most effective ways to fight your worries is to count your blessings while being content with what you have.

Focus on the positives to stop worrying about money

In order to help myself focus on the positives of life, I have started maintaining a gratitude wall in my house where I put a post-it for everything that I am grateful for. Every time I feel that I don’t have much in life to celebrate, I turn to this wall to remind myself of how grateful I should actually be for everything that I have. I also engage in some positive self-talk to feel motivated.

4. Live In The Present – Our worries are often fuelled by our tendency to think too much about the future. It won’t be wrong to say that we keep imagining things only to find a reason to be worried about, such as, “What if I lose my job?” or “What if I run out of money and have nothing to fall back on?” or “Will I be able to save enough for my life post retirement?”

Live in the present to stop worrying about money

While it’s good to have financial goals and the desire to build yourself a secure future, you shouldn’t forget to focus on what your present holds for you. Putting it better, you can choose to work hard today to earn job security and a better pay to secure the life post retirement.

5. Imagine The Worst Possible Outcome – It might sound stupid but sometimes, the only way out of fear is through it. The extent of your worries is magnified by the uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Imagining yourself in the most fearful situations can help you embrace whatever life throws at you and move on without worries.

Imagine the worst possible outcome to get rid of your money worries

For example, the thought of losing my business often makes me go worried and anxious. And every time I experience this fear, I remind myself of the other options that I have to sustain myself – getting a job, a side business and my savings.

These are some of the things that I often remind myself of when I worry too much about money. I know it’s hard not to obsess over money given that you have a lot of financial goals to meet, but shedding away those worries is totally worth a stress-free life. Live and laugh with the ones who you earn for and find happiness in things that can’t be bought for money.

3 Replies to “5 Sure Fire Ways To Stop Worrying About Money All The Time”

  1. Very thoughtful and self-reminding me too. I often worried about my financial situation as well and on top of that I have been out of job just recently…how terrible I was as I have never expected this to happen to me all this time since I have been working for almost 18 years continuously…ouchh..it hurts me emotionally and ruined my good reputation that I tried to build all these years with all my countless efforts and gratitude that I put in into my work scope. by the time I realized my time has come I guess well… to hell with it..if they don’t want me anymore there is nothing I can do to change their mindset. maybe I did something wrong along the line, or maybe didn’t understand their mission and vision in their organization but I vowed not to be intimidated by this hardship no matter how bad it it.

    1. I feel you, girl! These situations make the strongest of us doubt our abilities. But I do believe that this is actually the time that builds us into stronger individuals.
      More power to you! Hope everyone reading this post who is going through a similar situation draws inspiration from your positive outlook towards life.

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