6 Simple Ways To Get Your Shit Together In The Shortest Possible Time

Simple ways to get your shit together

“Get your shit together” – it’s easier said than done!

Back in the year 2017, which I still consider as the most dramatic year of my life, I was going through a period of funk when nothing in my life seemed to be going right. I was struggling to get a job while also dealing with a whole lot of health issues. All I wished for is to have it all under control and accomplish what’s needed to live a happy life. Fortunately, it didn’t take much time for things to fall in place. And I realized that I had been worrying myself for nothing.

Stop worrying and get your shit together

It’s normal to experience sadness and disappointment when things don’t go as planned. You may start thinking that that’s how things are meant to be like. And that you will never be able to get the hang of it. Well, trust me on this. You will barely come across a person who has it all figured out. We are all hustlers who have to put in some real efforts to pick ourselves back up and carry on with a smile.

‘Getting your shit together’ carries different meanings for different people. For some, it means attaining financial stability and saving enough for retirement. For many others, it means finding a partner who is compatible enough to live their life with. And for the rest, achieving self-growth and having good health is what it means to get their shit together.     

Don't let money stop you from getting your shit together

Through it all, what’s important is to know that getting your shit together doesn’t mean that your life needs to be perfect. Because perfect is unrealistic. With a little change in mindset and the intention to improve your life for good, you can certainly have it all together.

Below are some realistic ways that can help you get your shit together and pursue your happiest self:

1. Let The Feelings Sink In

The very first step to building your life back is letting yourself feel the emotions inside you. You will come across people who will suggest you to dive into your hobbies, take a walk or cook something but remember that those are some temporary ways to bottle up your emotions. The feelings of disappointment, sadness and grief won’t stop following you until you allow yourself to feel them.

Let the feeling sink in

It’s normal to lack motivation when nothing in your life seems to be going right. So be a couch potato for a day or two and cry your heart out. Think as much as you want to within these few hours and accept your emotions rather than trying to find an escape. The fact that you managed to get out of the bed in the morning is the only positive you need to take for now.

2. Clean Up Your Living Space

Now when you’ve stripped yourself of the emotions that had been disturbing you, don’t force yourself to go straight to work. You can simply start by decluttering your living space and cleaning the mess around you. Besides, decluttering can be a great way to experience a good change in the environment thereby helping you give a new start. Clean up your desk, the kitchen counter top and every area of your house where you spend most of your time. 

Declutter to get your shit together

3. Unplug And Reconnect

Unplugging from social media is usually the first thing I do when I feel depressed or anxious. Trust me, I don’t mean to judge people who like using social media. But those misleadingly perfect lives reflecting on your Instagram and Facebook feed won’t be of any help when you’re going through a rough patch. Remember that you need to make yourself a priority while you try to get your shit together. And taking some time off from social media will do no harm. Try to reconnect with real people – your family and your friends.

Unlpug to get your shit together

4. Plan Your Day

Decluttering your living space and unplugging from social media will allow you to be more mindful about your surroundings. It will give you some much needed head-space to do what can help you in getting your shit together.

Your next obstacle is Procrastination, which may further kill your motivation to do anything. So don’t expect yourself to be a fully functioning machine on a gravely depressing day. You’re a human. Cut yourself some slack.

While it’s fine to take a day off from work and lie purposelessly on the couch, you know you can’t afford to do it in the long run. Procrastination can get the best of you on these bad days which is when planning comes into play.

Plan your day in advance

In order to push yourself ahead and go about the day, prepare a to-do list as soon as you wake up in the morning. Keep a note of the meetings you are supposed to be attend and mark the work deadlines on a calendar. Set a reminder for the Yoga Classes and evening walks so you don’t ignore your health no matter what. You will feel much better realizing that you are finally getting a hold of it.

5. Record Your Progress

While it may not be distinctly visible, progress starts as soon as you decide to push yourself out of the bed in the morning. I suggest you to maintain a journal wherein your scribble down your thoughts and the updates on your emotional health. Write it down if you laughed today, and how you felt while hanging out with your buddies today. The main purpose of this journal is to keep yourself aware of how you are finally getting there, even if it’s slow and steady.

Record your progress

6. Practice Gratitude

While going through a seriously depressing day, you might start feeling that you are bound to live like this forever and that nothing will ever fall in place. But looking back two years on, you will laugh at yourself for thinking the same.

Practice gratitude to get your shit together

In order to relax your mind while trying to get your shit together, learn to practice gratitude in your everyday life. Celebrate the fact that you are breathing, that you have a roof over your head and a car that can take you to places. Count your blessings each day and celebrate small wins to be able to smile through it.

Getting your shit together is a process that will post many obstacles. You may find yourself feeling less hopeful of what the future holds. All you have to tell yourself is that things will get better. Through every obstacle, you will find yourself stronger and better and more capable of handling your problems.

So go ahead and be your best self!

5 Replies to “6 Simple Ways To Get Your Shit Together In The Shortest Possible Time”

  1. I really appreciate all your self- help steps.
    I’m familiar with them but do fail to keep them up.
    I have been depressed in varying stages for five years . My husband and best friend suddenly died then. The Covid Virus has closed down where I work & thus I have far too much time & don’t WANT to do anything ‼️‼️

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  3. Thank you. This is definitely the most genuine and realistic post I have seen regarding pulling yourself up by the boot straps. Much appreciated!

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