Positive Self Talk – 13 Things To Tell Yourself Every Day

If you have been reading this blog on a regular basis, you will know how big a fan I am of self-love. I find it to be the most important exercise that we all need to be doing every second of the day in order to be fit, physically and mentally. Another important mental exercise that we need to be doing every day is engaging in positive self-talk as a way to find motivation from within.

With all the hustle and hardships that life comes with, being kind to yourself is just as necessary as it is to be kind to the ones around you. It’s just as important to love yourself as selflessly as you love your family in order to keep your spirit and dreams alive.

Keep your spirit alive and engage in positive self-talk

But we are humans. And it’s in our nature to seek validation from others for who we are.

While it’s good to be receiving some compliments from your colleagues and friends every now and then, it’s even better to engage in some positive self-talk to remind yourself that ‘you’ are all you need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Here are a few things that you must tell yourself every single day in order to feel more positive and happy. After all, why seek validation from outside when you can have it from within, whenever you want:

1. Today Will Be My Day

Tell yourself that the only day that you need to conquer is today. Every time you find yourself worrying about the future, remind yourself about the importance of today and seize every opportunity that’s lying in front of you right now. Start your mornings with a positive attitude, enjoy your metro ride to the office, give a smile to everyone who passes by and find comfort in the fact that you gave your best in all circumstances.

Positive self-talk means telling yourself that today will be my day

2. I Am Loved

The one thing that often pulls you back from pursuing your best self is your tendency to overlook how much you are loved. Don’t ever forget to remind yourself that there’s someone out there who loves you no matter what.

Positive self-talk - You are loved

3. I Am More Than My Appearance

If you ever feel that you aren’t beautiful enough, count every good thing that you have ever done in your life. Have you helped someone in need? Have you been there for your family and friends when they needed you? What all have you done in life to come this far? The answers to these questions will definitely make you understand that who you are and what you have achieved in life counts more than your appearance.

Positive self-talk - I am more than my appearance

4. I Deserve Respect

Never let someone underestimate your abilities and don’t ever beat yourself up for not being good enough for the world. You deserve respect and it’s your responsibility to fight back if someone disrespects you without a reason.

Positive self-talk - I deserve respect

5. I Am Strong

Do you need support in adverse situations? Are you strong enough to take on the challenges without giving up? True strength comes from within. Think of all those times when you fought your way through the difficulties of life and you will realize that you are stronger than you think.

I am strong

6. I Am In Charge Of My Life

No matter what people say, you need to tell yourself that you are the only person who will be impacted by the decisions that you make. Take charge of your own life and stop caring about what others think. Don’t leave that decision in someone else’s hands or on luck. Take matters in your own hands and assume responsibility for yourself.

I am in charge of my life

7. Everything That Happens Does So To Teach Me A Valuable Lesson

You either win or you learn. Every bad incidence in your life, from failed relationships to career setbacks, has shaped you up to be the amazing person that you are. Own your failures and take them as a pathway to being a better person.

Everything happens for a reason

8. My Past Does Not Define My Present Or My Future

No matter how bad your past is, you can’t change it. But what you can change is yet to come. Every one of us has made mistakes in the past and every one of us has the right to move on to give ourselves a better today.

My past does not define my present or my future

9. Everyone’s Journey Is Different

Don’t compare yourself to people who seem to be doing better than you or you’ll end up being unsatisfied with your life. Someone might have a bigger house and a better job than yours, but it’s important to realize that everyone has different journeys to success and yours might just have been a bit longer.

10. Things Always Get Better With Time

Be it the pain of a heartbreak or building life in a new city, things eventually get better with time. The fear of that pain being permanent might grip you for a while, but time heals all wounds and you will come out stronger.

11. Happiness Is Found Within

It’s a common saying that someone who isn’t happy with themselves can never be the reason for someone else’s happiness. Happiness is a personal choice and not a chance that only comes once in a while.

Happiness is found within

12. I Choose To See The Good In The People I Interact With Today

Positivity breeds positivity. And once you learn to ignore the negativity around yourself, you will soon fill yourself up with positive thoughts.

13. The world Needs Me

It’s important to feel worthy to live an enriched life. So every time you feel that you are worthless, tell yourself that you were born to do great things. Remind yourself that you are special and this world needs you to be a better place to live in. Be kind to others and extend a helping hand to know your worth every now and then.

Do you engage in positive self-talk? What all things do you tell yourself to feel happy and positive in life? Drop a comment below or write me at richi@askmisswhimsical.com. I love hearing from you.

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  1. I loved this list of things to tell yourself every day! All the affirmations were spot on for me. Sometimes I forget that I must say them every day! Thanks.

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