Healthy Morning Habits – 11 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

When people ask me whether I am a morning person or a night owl, I don’t have to think about it twice. My brain stops working after midnight and I can’t expect myself to be productive if I try to work past that. I can’t afford to put things off for later because I know that my productivity dwindles with every passing hour and only gets restored after getting a long sleep. I might be a morning person, but I have struggled for years to inculcate healthy morning habits that have now made my life better. 

Mornings hold some kind of a positive energy and vibes that have the power to charge you up. Every morning comes with an opportunity to start afresh and make right the things that might have gone wrong yesterday. Also, who doesn’t love walking barefoot in the morning on wet grass? And those self-meditative early morning hours when there’s no chaos to distract you away from doing what you love. Mornings are magical and they have the power to determine how you go about living the rest of the day.

Exercise and meditate as a part of healthy morning habits

But sometimes, it can be difficult to get your mornings right. Well, we are humans and we do come across days that are bad, eventually spoiling our mornings too. On top of that, morning anxiety is something that a lot of us must be struggling with right now. I remember the time when all I wanted to do was to roll myself up in the blanket for a few more minutes and think about random things. It’s not wrong to crave some positivity when you are facing new challenges every day and starting your morning right can just be your one-stop solution to that problem. 

So if you wish to change yourself for the better, you can start by making your mornings more enthusiastic. Below are some of the most effective and healthy morning habits that can help you be more productive and energetic during the day:

1. Don’t Hit Snooze

In order to avoid disturbing your morning routine, forget the fact that you have the option of hitting snooze. That snooze button makes it easier for us to procrastinate. Even better, put the alarm clock away from your bed so that you have to get up to switch it off.

Make it a part if your healthy mornings habits not to hit that snooze button

2. Thank God For Another Day

In order to begin your day on a positive note, express gratitude for waking up to see another day. It won’t take more than 10 seconds but will make you feel happy and content with whatever you have. Just smile and push yourself off that bed to kick-start the day.

3. Drink Water

The metabolism of your body works harder while you are sleeping which makes it important for you to re-hydrate it. Keep a water bottle or a glass of water on your bedside table to make sure that you drink adequate amount of water as soon as you wake up.

4. Make Your Bed

A wise man once said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” Nothing else can give you a better sense of accomplishment right at the start of the morning than making your bed. You will be surprised by how this little thing can change your life in a rather good way. Needless to say, aking your bed is one of the most healthy morning habits that can set your day up for being a success.

One of the healthy morning habits is to make your bed every morning

5. Digital Detox

Three years back, I made this decision of not using my phone for at least an hour after waking up. This morning ritual has played a huge part in my personal growth and I do believe that staying away from my phone in the morning contributes to my happiness as well.

6. Stretch Your Body

Now that you have gotten off the bed, it’s time to wake your mind up. Remember that it’s important to work out in the morning to help restart the mechanism of your mind and body. The workout doesn’t have to be rigorous. A 30-minute morning walk or a yoga session or a simple exercise routine is all you need to be doing to get your mind and body working.

7. Cleanse Yourself Up

Now that you have sweated the toxins out of your body, get it cleaned up. Take a good shower to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. You will be more willing to take on the day when you know that your body feels fresh and clean.

Cleansing yourself up is an essential part of healthy morning habits

8. Allow yourself some Me-Time

You’re not a human robot who needs to get into the working mode right from the point of waking up. Give yourself some quiet time to appreciate the things and people around you. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and spend a few minutes on the couch in your own company. Here’s an amazing article on how you can find some “me” time and actually enjoy it.

9. Have A Healthy Breakfast

The very first meal after you wake up determines your spirit over the course of the day. Make sure that what you eat for breakfast is healthy enough to keep your energy levels up to carry out all the tasks that you need to accomplish during the day. Look around the kitchen for the things that you like while making sure that you stick to healthy eating. Pick fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and everything that can help fuel your body.

Having a healthy breakfast is a must to make your mornings bright and healthy

10. Dress Up For The Day And Show Up Like A Star

Take time to put yourself together for the day and show up looking your best. Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable without worrying about others’ opinions. Remember that the goal here is to feel confident within by approaching your best self.

11. Be Consistent In Your Morning Routine

A consistent morning routine helps your body and mind get used to it. So wake up at a fixed time, workout for a specific duration every day and have enough time in the morning to include every activity that helps you get charged up for the day.

Most of us think of mornings as nothing more than washing your face, brushing your teeth and taking a bath. But it is so much more than that. Mornings are more about setting yourself up for the day in the best possible way. Something as small as waking up with a smile on your face or looking at those garden plants for a few minutes before leaving for work can help you be happy throughout the day. There’s no ideal way to begin your mornings or an ideal set of healthy morning habits to follow. It’s always about starting your day by doing things that can help you be your best self.

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