7 Korean Skincare Secrets For Radiant Skin

Every time we read or discuss something about skincare, the first picture that comes in our minds is that of Korean women. Don’t we all love how their skin glows from the inside out? There’s no way you can talk about beauty and skincare without mentioning Korea. And mind you, they don’t put tons of makeup to look gorgeous. In fact, those women you see in the K-Dramas are either wearing a no makeup-makeup look or bare face beauties flaunting their radiant skin. 

So, what do they do to look that gorgeous? Let’s not take away from their genes that play a huge part in how their skin looks. But there’s a lot more that Korean women do to give their skin that shiny glow. And I promise that it doesn’t include taking skin boosting injections or anything that you might be hesitant to try. 

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Korean women have some very simple secrets when it comes to pampering their skin. But the real answer lies in the dedication they have towards skincare. Fortunately, these secrets aren’t hidden anymore. I have curated most of these secrets in the post that you’re reading right now. You just need to be as diligent in following these skincare tips as Korean women are to give yourself your dream skin. 

Read on to know more: 

1. Facial Massage Works Like Magic

The one technique that most Korean women rely on to help their skin relax is massaging their face with the right face tools. Face-massaging is believed to be a great practice to look younger without any external treatments. It helps improve blood circulation, stimulates muscles, restores skin elasticity and promotes active delivery of oxygen to the skin cells.  

Needless to say, massaging your face is the easiest way to blow a new life into your skin. There are many massage tools, like a jade roller and a Gua Sha stone, that can do the job for you. I have been using this gua sha comb for a while now to massage my skin, body and hair, and it works great for me. Be sure to look around to find the right massaging tool that can help improve your skin health. 

2. Skin Health Is Tied To Your Gut Health

Korean women rely less on external products and focus more on their internal overall health as a way of taking care of their skin. While there are many skin supplements out there that can provide your skin with the necessary micronutrients, making the right changes in your dietary routine can work just as great. 

Have a diet that is rich in vitamins and healthy fats. While avocados are rich in healthy fats that help maintain the moisture content in your skin, walnuts are a great source of zinc, vitamin E and protein. Try to include green tea in your daily routine to help detoxify your gut and have lots of citrus fruits (like red grapes, oranges and berries) to feed your skin with the necessary dose of vitamins and other micronutrients. 

3. Always Double Cleanse

Korean women never rely on single cleansing to rid their skin of all the impurities that their skin accumulates during the day. They have an inbuilt habit of cleansing their face with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water before moving to a gel-based cleansing session. Double cleansing leaves no room for clogged pores and ensures that you have a clean base to apply additional layers of products on. 

4. Layering Products The Right Way

Korean women deserve all the credit for telling it to the world that there’s a certain way of layering your skincare if you want to see great results. They believe that the right order of product application is from lightest to thickest. That’s exactly why it’s advised to apply toner/emulsion/essence immediately after washing your face.

Since toner is the lightest product, it goes first on your skin thereby acting as a base for further layers. Serum, being the next lightest product comes next and the last layer is reserved for moisturizer which usually has the thickest consistency. Applying thicker products in the end helps lock the previous layers and ensures maximum absorption of every product into your skin. 

5. The Right Way Of Rubbing In The products

Instead of massaging their face with a moisturizer or toner or serum, Korean women apply these products by gently tapping them into their skin. They do it as a ritual and take no risks when it comes to applying the products.  

6. Exfoliate With A Washcloth

You will find many Korean women in their 60s with no wrinkles or fine lines visible on their faces. Their secret? An amazing exfoliation technique that is followed across Korea. They use a nubbly washcloth to exfoliate their face instead of going for those harsh exfoliators that leave your skin feeling irritated.  

A washcloth doesn’t over-stretch your skin and helps it get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores. Korean women use it for exfoliation by gently massaging their face in round circular motions. Isn’t that an amazing way to exfoliate?   

7. Sheet Masks Are Their Go-To Skincare

Sheet masks are one of the most sold skincare products in Korea. It refreshes, detoxes, hydrates and exfoliates your skin within a few minutes. Many Korean women use sheet masks at least 3 to 4 times a week to give themselves that gorgeous glass skin. The most popular sheet masks in Korea are those infused with charcoal and vitamins. 

There you have it! Please know that this post doesn’t mean to make you stop appreciating your skin and work on looking like someone else. It rather intends to share the secrets that can help you manage your skin well. There’s a reason that we hold K-beauty products in high regard and respect Korea for bringing an evolution in the world of skincare. If learning a few tips and tricks from them can help you take better care of your skin, you may as well start doing it now. Because your skin deserves it. 

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